1. So excited about how cool Ultron looks that I’m doing my first Tumblr post in over a year. 

  2. kgbcast:

    KGB Tribeca Film Festival Quickcast - HIDE YOUR SMILING FACES

    Next up for KGB Quickcasts is an interview with writer director Daniel Patrick Carbone and the two leads Nathan Varnson and Ryan Jones for their new film Hide Your Smiling Faces. Yes there was some construction going on near by during the interview, but that’s NYC for you.

    Click here or above for the direct link, or find us on iTunes!

    Also, make sure to check out my review of the film here!

  3. There was an ominous error message on my computer this morning.

  4. Gross.

  5. Best in the world. #wrestlemania

  6. Wrestlemania

  7. Wrestlemania tailgating

  8. What???

  9. Karpovsky!!!

  10. This is how my dog sleeps sometimes.